Learn from HoT Hosts

After the HoT Graduates have learned knowledge and practical skills for the labor market and for setting up a business in the intensive training, they take part in further training.

Job shadowing

Job shadowing is the process of following a professional through their daily work routine. Not only students, but companies also often offer job shadowing to their employees to see what other types of roles they might enjoy pursuing. Some companies may also consider job shadowing to be a key part of their employee onboarding and training processes. This productive experience can help them to determine if a role is right for them.

Benefits of job shadowing

There are a variety of benefits you can achieve from participating in a job shadowing experience.

  1. Provides networking opportunities: Job shadowing helps you meet and engage with professionals in your field of interest. It also introduces you to potential employers and allows you to establish meaningful, professional connections you can approach for career advice.
  2. Helps to determine whether to pursue education or jobs in a specific field: Whether you want to figure out what college to go to, which major to choose, or which jobs to apply for after obtaining a degree, job shadowing can help you gain clarity about your career aspirations. This is because you witness the daily work environment and job responsibilities required of a certain job title.
  3. Gives the opportunity to learn more about a company: If you want to consider employment opportunities with a specific company, job shadowing is a great way to determine whether a company’s work culture and values align with your needs.
  4. Allows you to discover transitional roles to pursue at your company: Job shadowing is a great way to explore other career interests with your current employer. By working with the HR department, you can shadow your coworkers in other departments and decide whether you want to make a transitional role change if there is a job opening.
  5. Helps you decide what professional areas you need to improve in: When you job shadow, you can make a note of any technical or interpersonal skills that a specific job title requires daily. This helps you determine what additional education and skills you need to qualify for and succeed in that role.

Organizing HoT Job shadowing rounds
- first time in Armenia!

Job shadowing will be a way to examine the things a HoT Graduate has learned about a job by observing someone as they perform their duties. Observing an experienced professional while they work can show HoT Graduates what to expect in a prospective role. The aim is to gain an insight into the respective company and industry and to establish initial contacts with potential employers. 50 HoT Graduates will participate in job shadowing in cooperating companies during 2023-2024 years. In total, five rounds of practical days take place, with at least 10 HoT Graduates participating in each round. Before the events HoT Graduates are trained, have questionnaires to record the experience for themselves and the project. HoT Hosts will also be guided. Job shadowing experiences can last a few hours up to 3 days, depending on the situation. 

Organizing HoT Career Speed Dating events

During 2023 and 2024, six sector-specific job fairs will take place in the Tavush and Gegharkunik regions, bringing together 100 HoT Graduates with suitable employers. The participants will get to know between 10-15 companies each and will have the opportunity to introduce themselves as future employees.