Make HoT Career Happen!

Do you want to become a highly demanded professional and rapidly advance your career? Through the “Make HoT Career Happen” HoT Academy will support 30 proactive HoT Graduates to faster achieve their career goals and to excel in their careers.

1st phase: HoT Ambassadors

HoT Ambassadors are HoT Students, who are digitally advanced and interested in becoming freelancers and digital assistants, and are specifically trained by the HoT Partner to perform leadership and digital assisting roles during the “Learn HoT from real Life” education program. After special testing and interviewing processes the HoT Partner will select 10 HoT Students that are fit to become 10 HoT Ambassadors.

They will have the advantage of getting involved in the HoT Special Forces in 2023.

Interested applicants can learn more here and apply here

2nd phase: HoT Special Force

In 2023 30 HoT Graduates of the “Learn HoT from Real Life” educational program will be selected to form the HoT Special Force. HoT Partners will provide result oriented training to them in the following logic: pre-knowledge checking, training, exposure to real projects, post-knowledge checking (exam), hiring and/or collaboration.

10 HoT Ambassadors will have the advantage of being invited to HoT Special Force.