About DP

Who We Are

Development Principles is a local non-profit that has been operating in Armenia with proven success since 2004.

Starting from 2015 DP NGO became the program successor of the Armenian Branch of Heifer International, a US based international charity organization that has worked in 125 countries and 38 US States to end hunger and poverty in the world.

Development Principles has been successfully implementing development projects in rural Armenia for already 12 years. The NGO’s goal is the economic and social development of rural communities of Armenia by executing projects directed at the improvement of livelihoods of rural families and the empowerment of rural communities. Development Principles NGO invests in the establishment and development of small family farms, formation of rural cooperatives, development of dairy, fruit and rural tourism value chains. It contributes to the sustainable rural development by creating pro-poor income and social capital, by youth development and women’s empowerment and by applying environmentally sound practices to care for the earth in all projects.

Since 2004 Development Principles NGO has worked with and assisted around 11 000 rural families to achieve efficient agricultural production, improved access to formal markets resulting in more sustainable income and food security.

Development Principles NGO has empowered and developed the leadership and life skills of more than 4000 young people aged 10-17 by providing vocational education in seven directions that function in 31 YES youth clubs. The YES youth clubs have been successfully established and run by Development Principles NGO in cooperation with Heifer International Armenia. The seven directions of extracurricular vocational education are agriculture, health education, civic education, business education, ecological education, logical thinking, journalism. The alumni (around 1000 young men and women) of YES clubs are involved in local as well as regional youth networks and actively participate in youth development and regional cooperation projects. The network of the youth empowered by Development Principles consists of young individuals who are advocates of active citizenship and are the future leaders of Armenia.

Our Projects are directed at: