Make HoT Idea Happen!

This program of the HoT Academy promotes entrepreneurship among entrepreneurially mature HoT Graduates with incubation, mentorship, seed-funding and access to a valuable network.

The program consists of 2 subsequent parts – Start HoT! (2023 year) and Grow HoT! (2024 year). 


This is an entrepreneurship focused programme aimed at supporting entrepreneurially mature HoT Graduates to transform their business ideas into reality.


At the end of the Learn HoT from real life program HoT Graduates will be invited to submit business ideas (HoT Ideas).


A professional jury will select 30 HoT Ideas. HoT Academy will invite the holders of 30 HoT Ideas to participate in the incubation program to further develop their start-up ideas.


Mentors are attached to 30 HoT Ideas. HoT’s Objectives-based Mentoring Program is launched, which aims to enhance the performance of HoT founders, who learn from the insights of experienced entrepreneurs, with the goal of maximizing equity-value creation.


Presentation of 30 business ideas in front of a jury during a HoT Pitching Session.


17 best HoT Ideas will receive start-up funding.


This program of the HoT Academy aims to prepare HoT start-ups to grow, attract partnerships and investments. 
During this project 17 HoT start-ups:

  1. test their ideas for three months

2. participate in a coaching program

3. participate in the HoT Shark Tank event*, where they present their businesses to external parties

* This activity is inspired from the concept of the American business show “Shark Tank”, where a panel of investors, the “sharks”, decide whether to invest while entrepreneurs give presentations about their business or product.

4. receive professional feedback and experience and acquire partnership agreements.