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Who is DP

Development Principles is a local non-profit organization that has been operating in Armenia with proven success since 2004.

Since 2015, the DP NGO is the program successor of the Armenian Branch of Heifer International,
a US-based international charity organization that has worked in 125 countries and 38 US States to end hunger and poverty world.


DP Cornerstones


Our mission is to invest in people and empower them for positive change in their lives and environment.


We envision a world where all people live in harmony with both society and the environment.


Innovation, Competence, Accountability, Relevance, Equity


HoT Academy is a journey in 4 Acts

Act#1. Learn HoT from real life

Expose 200 proactive young adults (HoT Students) to practical, demanded and original non-formal short-term education. The education consists of 7 Modules. In 2023 graduated HoT Students are invited to apply to the remaining 3 programs. “Learn HoT from Real Life” program starts September 2022.

Act#2. Learn from proximity or HoT Portal

Develop and operationalize career and entrepreneurial partnerships between the private sector and young adults through provision of quarterly shadowing and career speed dating rounds. Starts from 2023 year.

Act#3. Make HoT Idea Happen

Support competitive business ideas of entrepreneurially mature young adults with mentorship, seed-funding and access to new partners. Start HoT starts from 2023 year. Grow HoT starts from 2024 year.

Act#4. Make HoT Career Happen 

Support competitive and proactive young adults to excel in hospitality related career through deep instruction and practical exposures with peers. Starts from 2023 year.



Co-creation and promotion of entrepreneurshipo and emploement in the hospitality sector among young audlts.


We all seek memorable, new and authentic experiences when traveling. This kind of hospitable environment is driven by a local creative entrepreneurial network and a motivated, committed workforce.


We imagine the Hospitality of Tomorrow empowered by local youth who achieve it through co-creation with each other and the private sector.

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