HoT Virtual College Tutors



Arpine is teaching Digital Literacy (Module #1), she is a consultant and tech enthusiast. For the past few years she has worked remotely out of Armenia for a few international startups managing operations and finance. Most recently, Arpine has been managing UNDP Armenia’s Kolba Jobs digital platform aimed at promoting remote and freelance employment opportunities for the rural youth.

Lilit is teaching Digital Literacy (Module #1), she is a university professor and new media specialist with a PhD degree. She is a journalist by education, but since her start of the career has worked in various roles such as managing translations, education development, SMM, Quality Assurance, as a manager and a team lead. After becoming a mom, she started to work remotely for an international media company, combining it with family duties and lecturing.



Sergey Tantushyan is teaching the Communication Literacy (Module #2) and Entrepreneurship Literacy (Module #6)

Sergey Tantushyan is a Professor, business case writer and education administrator holding 15 years of deep proficiency in partnership, communication and management consulting. He has top management experience at different projects of IdeA philanthropic foundation: world’s longest ropeway, Aurora humanitarian initiative, and United World Colleges Dilijan. He has established a number of educational programs, including Career Orientation and Communications programs, has provided over 200 trainings to corporate clients having 12 years of teaching and training experience in the subjects of Communication, Managing People and Organizations, Competitiveness and Strategy.

Tatev Harutyunyan is teaching Communication in Foreign Language (Module #3).

Tatev is the director of Republic LLC. She is a TEFL certified ESL, EFL instructor with over 5 years of experience of teaching GE, BE, ESP, TOEFL iBT. She is engaged in education organization activities, teacher training and creating curricula for various educational programs – both insourcing and outsourcing.



Armenuhy Hovikimyan is teaching the Financial Literacy (Module #4)

Armenuhy Hovakimyan is currently holding the position of Deputy Secretary General in the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges. Armenuhy is experiencing the management of a multicultural environment covering Europe, Asia and Mediterranean Basin countries. In the past she was a part of Armenian capital market with more than 15 years of experience at Armenian Stock Exchange and NASDAQ OMX ARMENIA. She is in the financial sector with a particular direction of capital markets. Armenuhy holds a PMP project management certificate, is a member of the Project Management Institute and the Armenian Institute of Directors.

In addition to economics, she is also interested in negotiations and psychology. Armenuhy conducts professional courses on economic and project management topics.

Mariam Elibekyan is teaching Legal Literacy (Module #5)

Mariam is Partner at JUSTUS Law Firm. She has a portfolio of advisory on legal matters in Civil Law, Administrative Law, Procurement Law, Intellectual Property Law and Labor Law.



Davit Amiryan is teaching Legal Literacy (Module #5).

Davit is a legal professional with over 8 years of extensive experience with strong emphasis on business law. His professional interests extend towards corporate finance, tax law (including international tax law), Labor Law, etc. He has dealt with a number of complex legal matters trying to suggest innovative and atypical solutions during his career.

Susanna Grigoryan teaches Legal Literacy (Module #5).

Susanna is a junior lawyer assisting in daily legal support of the clients, engaged with Justus Law firm.

Ani Shaldzhian is teaching Hospitality Funamentals (Module #6).

Ani has over 12 years of experience in the tourism industry of Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia. Ani has founded ArmenTrip, a tour operator & DMC. Since it’s incorporation in 2014 it has received more than 2000 groups in Armenia and has a 30% of loyal customer base, who return to Armenia for the third or fourth times.

Since 2020 Ani has been actively supporting the development of social entrepreneurship in Armenia empowering women to build and launch small businesses in Armenia, providing education and mentorship (SEAG, Development Principles NGO).