HoT’s main cornerstone is the co-creation with important and hospitable actors of the entrepreneurial and professional ecosystem – the HoT Hosts. 


What is being a HoT Host? 

HoT Host is an experienced professional who possesses knowledge, skills and an expertise that is necessary and valuable for young adults on their way to improve their career and entrepreneurship readiness and excel in their selected endeavors. 


HoT Hosts for hot students 

HoT Academy co-creates HoT education with HoT Hosts through its 4 programs .

“Learn HoT from Real Life”:

  • HoT Core Hosts: Those recognized experts in their domains will develop and run 7 HoT Modules. The HoT Core Hosts were sourced through the announcements. Here is the list of HoT Core Hosts for the 2022 year (applications for 2022 are closed).

  • HoT Talks: HoT Hosts will share their knowledge, skills and provide inspirational insight to HoT Students through pre-recorded videos. We are sourcing that experience in the form of conversational and interactive semi-structured interviews (HoT Interviews) and then packaging them as HoT Talks. These short educational videos will bring huge support to the HoT Students.

What is a hot interview?

HoT Interviews are conducted with HoT Hosts (the interviewees) using the list of questions, which will be shared with the interviewee before the interview, and get their approval. HoT Hosts can choose the questions to answer and suggest additional ones. They can choose not to answer any particular question and can end the interview at any point. The questions will be developed by the professional team of the HoT Academy.

How will HoT Interviews be organized?

Before starting the interview the HoT Team should receive the consent form – either signed or filled in digitally. Here is the template for that.

The interviews will take place at dates convenient for interviewee. The duration of an interview will be from 15-60 minutes, and on average 25 minutes. The language of the interviews will be either Armenian or English chosen by the interviewee.

In what format will HoT Interviews be?

The interviews will be in video and audio format either recorded onsite (interviewer and interviewee are in the same premises and video is being recorded by camera) or online (interviewer and interviewee are connected online through any platform that allows side-by-side view and recording). Onsite interviews can also be in the form of hidden interviewer and visible interviewee when preliminary discussed questions will appear on the video and the interviewee will answer them on a camera.

How will the content be used?

Raw videos and audios will be edited by the HoT Team and presented to the interviewee for a review. The interviewee can suggest changes in video and audio files. Second review after the applied changes will be the final one. Raw files will be archived on HoT devices without the reach to the third parties. Raw files will be processed and transformed to HoT Talks.

Will the HoT Talks be co-branded?

Yes, HoT Talks will be co-branded. The brands of HoT Academy and HoT Host will be visible, and individual HoT Hosts will be identifiable.

Where will the HoT Talks be placed?

HoT Talks will be available for HoT Students within the “Learn HoT from real Life” program and also on HoT Academy’s youtube channel.

How to register as a HoT Host?

Here potential HoT Hosts can get registered.