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Within the frame of EU-funded EU4Youth initiative Social Entrepreneurship in Armenia and Georgia (SEAG) program is implemented by the local Development Principles NGO in cooperation with Mercy Corps international organization and Association of Business Consulting Organisations of Georgia (ABCO).
On July 6 and 13, Development Principles NGO organised webinars with the involvement of the leading experts on social entrepreneurship (SE) to improve the skills and knowledge of young social entrepreneurs.
The webinars, organized on ZOOM e-meetings platform, gathered 150 participants from 3 regions of Armenia: Shirak, Lori and Tavush. During the first session Anahit Ghazanchyan, President of the Development Principles NGO, briefly presented the objectives and major components of SEAG program followed by the action plan of the program implementation, the rules of Netiquette suggested by international distance learning professionals.
The next sessions of the webinars were devoted to the study of success cases of social entrepreneurship, demonstration of international know-how through case studies; definition of SE, presentation of the birth of the social entrepreneurship concept, as a relatively new phenomenon in economy, as well as its lifetime from idea to execution. The best practices of social enterprises in Armenia, SE indicators and lessons learnt, as well as the current situation and issues faced in social entrepreneurship sector in Armenia and potential of further development were also presented to the audience. During the Q&A session questions were raised about the definition of SE, taxation, legislative provisions and regulations, and respective answers were provided.

About SEAG program
SEAG program aims at building capacity of young people by acquiring new knowledge and skills in social entrepreneurship sector, as well as creating new opportunities to support youth initiatives in the field. The program will also strengthen the social ecosystem to open equal opportunities in the related field. The duration of the program in Armenia is 28 months. SEAG will catalyse new economic pathways for youth by strengthening the social entrepreneurship sector. SEAG’s overall objective is to foster the entrepreneurial potential of young people (ages 18-30) from Armenia and Georgia in the field of social entrepreneurship, notably with a view to contributing to social cohesion, employment, inclusion, and reduction of inequalities.

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