Our new product – HoT Academy – coming soon!

The project named “Promotion of employment and entrepreneurship among young adults in the hospitality sector through the introduction of innovative educational approaches and their application” was officially launched at the beginning of 2022. It is financed by the  Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Sign of Hope human rights and relief organization. The project is implemented by the Development Principles NGO.

The first appearance of the HoT Academy – Coming Soon was made on May 31, 2022, during the results presentation conference of the  EU4Youth – Social Entrepreneurship in Armenia and Georgia (SEAG) project. A special stand in the conference room was dedicated to HoT. The HoT team was available to hand on flyers, and business cards, answer questions and collect the filled-in forms of potentially interested persons – as potential HoT Students/HoT Hosts. The HoT Team engaged SEAG entrepreneurs and presented them the potential collaboration opportunities, which would also ensure the continuity and sustainability of the SEAG program.

Stay tuned and follow us on www.hotacademy.org and also our Facebook page to learn more about the coming activities of the HoT Academy. Do not hesitate to contact us here if you are interested in becoming part of it either as a HoT student or as a HoT Host.

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