EFQM Certified

First Armenian business companies become validated by EFQM

The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Model of Excellence is one of the most important excellence models around the globe; it is considered as a catalyst for organizational transformation and excellence in delivering value to customers, society, and the environment in a very efficient, agile, and performance-driven business.

In Armenia “EXCELTOUR” project is implemented by Development Principles NGO and is co-financed by the EU through ENI CBC Joint Operational Programme BLACK SEA BASIN 2014-2020. The Project works with tourism businesses in the countries of the Black Sea region to help them get the first step of the EFQM Business Excellence certification called “Validated by EFQM”.

What is Validated by EFQM? Validated by EFQM is EFQM’s “entry-level” recognition. It is designed for organizations that have started to use the EFQM Model and want to track their progress. Validated by EFQM is designed for organizations who want to initiate and embed improvement processes in their DNA.

To get the certification, the companies need to go through a self-assessment process, choose projects for improvement and implement changes within the organization to initiate these improvements. After the improvement projects are implemented, an independent validator assesses the changes and either recommends or does not recommend the company to be recognized as “Validated by EFQM”.

Congratulations to the two Armenian companies (Tufenkian Heritage Hotels and ACTI group) that have successfully gone through all these steps, and have been recognized as Validated by EFQM!

Four more companies will go through the validation process later this month. The “EXCELTOUR” project’s goal is to help the companies learn the Business Excellence principles of the EFQM, become certified, and, most importantly, to apply these principles of excellence in their day-to-day service to customers thus becoming more competitive and sustainable.

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