Admissions of applications for the “Learn from Real Life Program” has ended

Admissions of applications for the Learn from Real Life program of the HoT Academy was closed on August 4. It was preceded by the announcement of the call for applications for the program through various social media platforms, the information session in Sevan and promotion of the program among young people by regional partners.

During this period, we have received 260 applications, 59% of which came from Tavush marz, and 41% from Gegharkunik. 70% of the applicants are students who want to acquire new knowledge and skills alongside their studies. 92% of the applicants want to develop their skills and 69% want to start or grow their own business.

38% of applicants have a business idea that requires funding (93%), knowledge (85%), connections (69%) and partners (67%) to realize. The Learn from Real Life program aims to provide them with the relevant skills they need in the form of online courses and assignments that are currently being developed. The program is envisaged to start in September. It will last a little over three months.

Soon, we will start observing applications and selecting HoT students, who we will then unite on digital platforms and prepare for the start of the program. We are grateful to all applicants for their interest in the program and our partners who supported us in raising awareness about the program.

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