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  • 77 people in Jermuk, Gndevaz, Gorayk and Saravan received full package of DP business training, among them 40 people developed complete business plans with DP assistance and 31 people were awarded grants to implement their business plans. Overall 30,709,000 AMD were awarded as seed grants, all grants budget totals 51,155,100 AMD;
  • 13 women in Gndevaz  village and 10 youth in Gorayk village continue successfully implementing their businesses started in 2016 with DP support;
  • Total 89 cow-recipient families in 12 villages in Artsakh passed 89 gravid cows to 89 families in the same or neighboring villages;
  • In Berd, Tavush and Choratan 12 families passed 12 gravid cows to their neighbors;
  • Ongoing monitoring and technical assistance to the cow-recipient families: 18 families in Jajur, 73 families in Stepanavan area, 52 families in Berd area, 13 families in Martuni village, 89 families in Artsakh;
  • Ongoing monitoring and technical assistance to (Youth Empowered for Self-Reliance) YES rural youth clubs in 29 villages of Armenia
  • We continue to oversee our two social enterprises: CJSV Meditrina Foods with 49% of DP share and Al Vkus LtD (Dried fruits) with 50% of DP share.


  • We participated in the 3rd European Rural Parliament held in Venhorst, Netherlands from October 18 to 21, 2017;
  • Our youth delegates Shushan Grigoryan and Lusine Muradkhanyan participated in the first European Rural Youth Parliament held in Latvia in August 7-11, 2017;
  • We hosted Heifer International Mission to Armenia in November, 2017;




Naira Tonoyan, village  Jajur

”Finally we have a cow and milk through which we can make  yoghurt and cheese. Now our family is provided with dairy products and daily expenses have significantly reduced”,– told us Naira during our conversation, then she continued,-“In summer we get 8-10 litres milk ,in winter only 2 litres, but it’s our fault, because we don’t have an opportunity to feed the cow with combined food that’s why the cow eats only dry grass. In future when we will have two cows ,we will be able to sell some part of milk, then we will get an income and will buy an extra food for animals.It is very difficult to live in a village without having a cow .We have great plans for our cattle farm and will keep our animals very well’’.

Samvel Vardanyan, village Tavush

Thanks to the project  I have two healthy animals. My family gets 8-10 litres milk daily. We are provided with dairy products. The next year when you visit us you will see one more calf”’.

Lilit Tadevosyan, 23 years old, village Gorayq

“Thanks to the project, now I produce dried pears, apples and peaches.I am planning to produce dried fig, which is in a high demand. In my family business I work with my mother and sister. My grandmother is my main advisor. I am going to sell the dried fruits  in Gorayk, Sisian and in Yerevan. I was only 22 years old when  I was involved in  this project. Thank you all for this.Today this small, but profitable business gives an opportunity to help my family and also covers my personal expenses” stated Lilit.

Zabel Arustamyan,18 years old, village Gorayq

The most important advice that I’ve realized  from this project trainings, is that I have to rely only on  myself  and nothing is impossible. Today I can make money, which is a great feeling for my own self-confidence. By the way my parents still pay my tuition. Thanks to the trainings all buisness nuances now are clear to me. I am even start planning my next business project, which will be  a strawberry greenhouse production, smiled  Zabel.

 Janoyan Armine, 60 years old, village Gndevaz

I am an accountant by my profession, and my husband is a military science teacher. I worked in educational institutions  for 15 years. Nowadays in Gndevaz we have  a garden, special premises for drying fruits and a garden with vegetables. Due to this project and with the advice of our children we managed to repair the second floor of our house, and turned it into comfortable guest house”, stated Armine.

Anahit Esayan, 55 years old, village Gndevaz

Beekeeping gives peace. As my father says ”The aroma, taste and smell of honey have divine origin”. Only the person who loves the nature can deal successfully with beekeeping”, said Anahit.

Hambardzumyan Nelly, 37 years old, village Gndevaz

’’It is always cold in Gndevaz, perhaps that’s why I have many orders for vests and socks. I am kniting everything: blouses, dresses and scarves. In our village only I can get four-color fabric. I work with acrylic filaments which have good quality  and are very beautiful. One blouse costs 3000 AMD and the cost of the dress is 7000-8000 drams. I have a profitable job. This week I have 3 orders. Prices are suitable for everyone’’, Stated Nelly.