European Rural Youth Parliament Calls for Action

As a vivid flare, the second European Rural Youth Parliament (ERYP) has issued a Declaration that states 10 calls for action regarding the most urgent challenges faced by young Europeans. The document represents issues and specific steps that must be taken by decision-makers and fellow youth to make rural a better place for living. It is a result of various networking and opinions-gathering activities carried out during the past 2 years and the event as the culmination bringing together more than 70 young professionals from 16 countries.

The main wish of youth is to be able to have an equal dialogue with the decision-makers which is rooted in understanding. Youth is not only demanding and calling for action on decision-makers or waiting for their challenges to be solved by someone else. In fact, all the youth, gathered in the Rural Youth Parliament, are already putting a lot of effort to improve the life of their communities and to be equal partner in the movement of European Rural Parliament.

Young people may be ready to remain in or move into rural areas to tak ...

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