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Development Principles

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DP is aimed to invest in people to and empower them to create positive change in their own lives. We work together with rural families and youth to help them change the circumstances that they are living in and your contribution in funding this important and often life changing work is highly appreciated.
By making a much needed donation today you will join us in our work to help people take action to change their own lives. With your support we can:

  • Help families in rural areas of Armenia and The Nagorno Karabakh achieve sustainable income and food  security.
  • Help rural Youth develop a healthy world view and essentials skills to build their future.
  • Help ensure Environmental protection,restoration and conservation principals are understood and practiced.
  • Help communities adopt policies, practices and systems that to foster community level food security, economic prosperity and environmental health.

You can be confident that your support reaches its goal by knowing that more than 95 percent of our expenditures directly support DPs programs and so directly go to the cause.

Help us build future today