SEAG program.

In response to the European Commission’s EU4Youth initiative, Mercy Corps and regional partners – the Association of Business Consulting Organisations of Georgia (ABCO) and Armenian NGO, Development Principles (DP) – will foster youth employment and societal change through the Social Entrepreneurship in Armenia and Georgia (SEAG) programme.
This 30-month programme, started in February 2020 will build on and complement approaches and lessons learned from the EU4Youth programme launched in 2017, as well as Mercy Corps, ABCO and DP market development and youth programmes over the past 19 years in Georgia and Armenia. Collaborating with private sector actors, local and national governments, business development services providers, educational institutions, and EU4Youth implementers, SEAG will build the capacity of youth to engage in social entrepreneurship in border regions of Georgia and Armenia.
SEAG will catalyse new economic pathways for youth by strengthening the social entrepreneurship sector.  SEAG’s overall objective is to foster the entrepreneurial potential of young people (ages 18-29) from Armenia and Georgia in the field of soci ...

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