Artsakh Development Project.

The Cattle Breeding Project is implemented in several villages of Martuni, Martakert and Askeran Regions in Nagorno-Karabagh Republic. The project aims at improving the social-economic conditions of 163 socially vulnerable families. The project consists of two components;

– Animal husbandry

– Breed improvement (AI)

Within the animal husbandry component, 163 families in targeted villages received gravid heifers (one per family) to establish and run their own small scale farms. The farmers receive theoretical and practical trainings on advanced farm and animal management, as well as technical assistance (vet medicine). This enables families to increase production, improve their nutrition and ensure food diversity. After three year period the original recipient families will pass on the gift of a gravid heifer of good quality, as well as received knowledge to another vulnerable family in the same or neighboring village.

Regarding the breed improvement component DP is partnering with CARD Service to acquire high quality and certified dairy cattle semen (from Brown Swiss and Jersey, importe ...

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