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Development Principles

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Business Support to the women and rural youth

The Development Principles NGO supported rural women and youth in Gndevaz and Gorayk communities to develop business plans and start their own businesses. Overall number of beneficiaries - 14 women in Gndevaz and 10 young people (5 men and 5 women) in Gorayk community.
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Martuni Development Project

Development Principles, in collaboration with World Vision, Shen, COAF, FAR and AMA Armenia, has developed a three year plan to help the Martuni village. 

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Rural Tourism Development Initiative

In 2013-2014 DP implemented Rural Tourism Development Initiative project funded by EDMC/USAID.
The objective of this  project  is to improve the tourism sector in Armenia by identifying new sites and destinations in 7 marzes, namely Armavir, Shirak, Aragatsotn, Tavush, Gegharkunik, Kotayk and Ararat marzes. 

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Artsakh Project

The Cattle Breeding Project is implemented in several villages of Martuni, Martakert and Askeran Regions in Nagorno-Karabagh Republic. The project aims at improving the socio-economic conditions of 163 socially vulnerable families. The project is consisted of two components; a) Animal husbandry and b) Breed improvement 

Within the animal husbandry component, 163 families in targeted villages received gravid heifers (one per family) to establish and run their own small scale farms. 

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Armenia-Georgia Cross-border Cooperation Project

The Armenia–Georgia Cross-border Cooperation project helps resource poor families in three Armenian villages (Sevkar, Berqaber, Kirants) and two Georgian villages (Tsiteli Sopeli and Orjonikidze) establish their own family farms by providing a heifer to 12  families in each village (60 families total).  In addition to the gift of a heifer, the project provides participants with the necessary theoretic and practical trainings on advanced farm and animal management, as well as technical assistance (vet medicine), to establish and run their own small scale farms. After a three year period, the original recipient families pass on the gift of 60 heifers of good quality, as well as received knowledge, to another 60 families in the same villages. 
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Armavir Project

The Armavir Regional Integrated Rural Development project is designed to improve the socio-economic conditions of 85 socially vulnerable families in a cluster of five Armenian villages, namely Dalarik, Hushakert, Lernagog, Karakert, and Miasnikian, Argina, all located in the Armavir marz. Animal husbandry developmentdairy production, and rural youth development are the project’s primary outcomes. In the framework of the project, 17 families in each village were provided with gravid heifers (one per family) to establish and run small scale farms. Additionally, the farmers received theoretic and practical trainings on advanced farm and animal management, as well as technical assistance (vet medicine), which enables families to increase food production, improve their nutrition and ensure food diversity. After a three-year period, the original recipient families will pass on the gift of 85 gravid heifers of good quality to another 85 families in the same or other villages.

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Martakert Project

The Cattle Breeding Project is implemented in 4 Villages of the Martakert region of Nagorno-Karabagh Republic. This region of the newly independent Nagorno-Karabagh Republic was specifically selected for this project due to the harsh socio-economic conditions faced by the people who live in this region and its close position to the border with Azerbaijan. In the villages of Tchankatagh, Mokhratagh, Talish, Vardadzor a total of  58 resource poor families received gravid heifers to build their own household economies and overcome the socio-economic hardships after the devastating military conflict with Azerbaijan. The families received also training in cattle breeding and farm management. Another 58 families joined the project by receiving gravid heifers as pass-ons from their community members. As a result, a total of 116 families eventually benefited from the inputs and provided resources of  the project. The project was funded by Heifer International and Armenia Fund USA.

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Peace to Our Homes

The goal of the Peace Project was to support local peacemaking initiatives in the region of the South Caucasus through community development, regional networking and capacity building activities. The components of the project were placement of animals, establishment of rural youth clubs, and trainings on animal husbandry etc. As of May, 2010 overall of 995 families in 16 communities of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan were targeted and benefited from the project. Also more than 1300 children benefitted from being the vocational trainings which were delivered through the rural youth clubs. 
The project was funded by Heifer International and Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst e.V. (EED) and the Church Development Service NGO from Germany. The project was implemented by a consortium of Armenian, Georgian and Azeri NGOs. 
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