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Development Principles

Our work

Since 2004 DP has built a strong track record of successfully completed development projects with an average budget of above USD 290,000. The main programmatic focus areas of DP are:

- Community Developmenеt
- Advocacy on Sustainable Human Development
- Ecological Education
- Community and Individual Health Promotion
- Youth Leadership Development
- Civic Education and Human Rights 

Recognizing the crucial role of youth for the future of communities and eventually the country, DP (with support of EED, Germany; Bothar, Ireland; and Heifer International, USA) has created 29 YES youth clubs throughout Armenia. The YES clubs provide rural youngsters extracurricular trainings in such disciplines as agriculture, ecology, civic education, journalism, healthy lifestyles, and business. DP currently has an extensive network of more than 150 adult volunteers and 2500 youth (active members of the YES clubs) throughout Armenia.

Ongoing projects

  1. Young Agriculturists Network of Armenia (YANOA project) - in cooperation with Heifer International (2008‐2013). 
  2. Cattle breeding project in 8 villages of Artsakh Republic - funded by Elevages Sans Frontieres, France (2011‐2013). 
  3. Citizenship awareness project (Social advertisement) ‐ funded by RA Ministry of Culture (2012).

List of Completed projects

  1. Young Agriculturist Network as a chance for bettering lives of young rural dwellers in Armenia (Polish Aid‐HPI; 2011) 
  2. Armavir Region integrated rural development project - in cooperation with Heifer International and COAF (2008‐2011).
  3. Kapan rural development project - funded by Heifer International (2008-2011)
  4. Cross‐border project in 3 villages of Armenia and 2 villages of Georgia - in cooperation with Heifer International and NFM Association (2007‐2010).
  5. Cattle breeding project in 4 villages of Martakert region, Nagorno‐Karabakh Republic ‐ in cooperation with Armenia Fund USA - (2007‐2009). 
  6. Cattle breeding project in 3 villages of Martuni region, Nagorno‐Karabakh Republic ‐in cooperation with Armenia Fund USA and Elevages Sans Frontieres, France (2008‐2011). 
  7. YES for PEACE rural youth clubs in five communities of Armenia and five multinational communities of Georgia, funded by EED/Heifer (2006‐2009). 
  8. Confidence Building Measures for Youth cooperation in the South Caucasus, funded by EED (2006‐2007). 
  9. Interactive Human Rights - in partnership with "Youth For Achievements" Educational NGO, funded by European Commission Delegation to Armenia (2007); 
  10. Schools for Rural Entrepreneurs: Vermiculture farming and biohumus production at rural youth clubs in Armenia: funded by TAMTF, UK (2007);
  11. Youth Empowered for Self‐reliance (YES!) rural youth development project. First Phase(2005‐2006).
  12. Evaluation of the project "Advocacy for Smoke Free Environment" implemented by People for Healthy Lifestyle NGO. Funded by JMF (2006). 
  13. Consultancy to Build Institutional Capacity of Syunik Benevolent NGO. Requested by Heifer Armenia and EED (2004). 

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