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Development Principles

Corporate Support

Your company support can give an Armenian entrepreneur in rural areas of the country the chance of a life time to build a small agricultural business. Your support will not only mean suitable nutrition and income to families but also extensive (extracurricular) trainings for the youth and a chance for them and their families to live a dignified life.

What can you do?

Let your costumers see that you care and link your product(s) to DP. Consumers find a relationship between a brand or a company and a charity as very positive. Such a relationship increases the chance that potential customers will choose your company or product above others and will stay with you. This also increases the visibility of what we do and awareness on the issues faced by the people we seek to help. 

Support us on a continuous basis

Structural support is a very effective way of supporting our work as it means that we can better plan the number of families and projects we can support during a financial year. It also allows you to see the fruits of your gifts more clearly over a longer period of time and strengthens your relationship with those who benefited from your support.

Employee actions

Also your employees can individually or in groups support the work of DP. Enthusiastic employees can make an action become a great success. This stimulates both the atmosphere and wellbeing of employees within the company. As an extra stimulation you can choose to match the gifts collected by your employees. You might for example organize a walking trip or a company dinner.  

Help us build future today