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Development Principles

Organize an Action

You can make a difference in the life of our youth and families by organizing or taking part in a fundraising action for DP. This does not have to be difficult and can be very simple, it’s just needs lots of enthusiasm, goodwill and creativity. We can use all the help we can get so feel free to do whatever you can, this can be individual actions or actions that involve groups such as your class mates etc. Thank you in advance.

What kind of Actions can I organize?
  • It may be walking a marathon or biking and asking your family and friend sponsor every kilometer that you walk or bike.
  • Organize a lunch or pancake event and donate the raised money to the cause.
  • Suggest donations to DP as an gift option for you family and or friends to at your (wedding) anniversary or birthday.

We will try to support you in organizing your action as much as possible by providing you with information and promotion materials. This will help you raise attention and awareness on your action.

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