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Development Principles NGO (DP) is registered on 4 February, 2004 at the Ministry of Justice RA (Registration Number 211.171.02406; Certificate 03 ².063474, tax code 01548794).

EuropeAid ID:  AM-2010-FKL-1301696027   Development Principles (DP) is a non-profit non-governmental organization aimed to invest in people and empower them to create positive change in their own lives. The organization was founded in 2003 by a group of leaders, educators and professionals who saw the need for an organization that was independent, working with a set of principals critical for realizing this mission. These principles are Competence; Accountability, Relevance and Equity and form the cornerstones of all DPs activities. DP envisages a world where people live a dignified life in peace and harmony with society and the environment and provides quality services that effectively respond to the needs of disadvantaged people. Since 2004 DP has built a strong track record of successfully completed development projects. The main programmatic focus areas of DP are: Community Development -      Sustainable Human Development with focus on Capacity Building -      Youth Engagement and Leadership Development -      Civic activism -      Ecological Education Recognizing the crucial role of youth for the future of communities and eventually the country, DP (with support of EED, Germany; Bothar, Ireland; and Heifer International, USA) has created 29 YES youth clubs throughout Armenia. The YES clubs provide rural youngsters extracurricular trainings in such disciplines as agriculture, ecology, civic education, journalism, healthy lifestyles, and business. DP currently has an extensive network of more than 150 adult volunteers and 2500 youth (active members of the YES clubs) throughout Armenia. DP partners are national and international NGOs, among them: in Armenia -  PHL, Hope&Work, SFFA, Verelk, Erking, Gorovank, Meghvik, ArmECLOF, et al.; in Georgia - NFM Association, Consent IPD, ELKANA; in Nagorno-Karabakh Republic - Revived Motherland NGO (Veratsnvats Haireniq); United Kingdom - TAMTF, SAC; Germany - EED, FAKT; France - ESF; USA- Heifer International, Armenia Fund USA, 4H International; Poland- Heifer Poland.

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  • 02 Sep. 2015

YES! Youth Clubs Hold Annual Forum

Development Principles NGO (DP NGO) organized the annual YES! Rural Youth Clubs forum on July 16-19, 2015. As usual, representatives from all 28 youth clubs–180 youth in all–participated in the event.